Get Slick: 4 Things You Should Know About Lubricants

You might think of lubricant as a pretty basic item—that one lube is more or less the same as the next.  If so, that couldn't be further from the truth.  There are lots of different varieties and differences between lubricants that it's well worth taking note of.  It's a small part of your bedroom life but it could mean the difference between a good sexual interaction and a great one.

Water vs. Silicon

Perhaps the most immediate choice you have to make in selecting a lubricant is whether you opt for one that is water-based or silicon-based.  The two have very different feelings, so you might imagine that choosing between them is merely a matter of taste.  This is not so.  In fact, some silicon-based lubricants are not latex-safe; in other words, they cannot be used with condoms.  Equally, using silicon-based lubricants can damage and degrade silicon sex toys—so if you plan to use your lube with either toys or condoms, it may be safest to opt for a water-based.


There are plenty of flavoured lubricants available on the market—but many people assume that they are mere novelties, designed to add a little fun to sex without serving the same function as their unflavoured counterparts.  However, though it's true that they are fun and add variety to sex, flavoured lubricants are entirely safe and suitable to use just as you would any other lube.  They are also safe to ingest—but confirm this for yourself by examining the packaging when you purchase your own.

Act-Specific Lubricants

Some sexual acts, such as anal sex, are more safely performed with very high-quality lubrication.  As such, you may feel more comfortable purchasing an anal-specific lubricant.  This is not a sales tactic; anal lubricants are designed to stay in place for longer, and they accommodate for the fact that they are not going to be assisted by natural bodily lubrication.  It is often said that silicon-based lubricants are more comfortable for anal sex, but this may be down to personal taste—and as mentioned above, if you wish to use a condom, you will need to ensure that you choose a silicon-based product which is latex safe.


Some lubricants have spermicidal properties in order to have a contraceptive effect.  However, if you do choose a spermicidal lubricant, be sure to take care; while they are perfectly safe for most people to use, some people may be sensitive towards them, and it has caused numbness of the tongue in a small number of cases.

It's perfectly possible to pick up the first lubricant you see in the store and have a perfectly functional experience with it—but in doing so, you may be missing out on a feeling you prefer, or safer ingredients which suit you and your sex life better.  For more information about lubricants, such as wet stuff flavoured lubricant, contact a local business.

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