4 Cosy Sheepskin Products Which Will Help To Keep The Cold At Bay This Winter

With winter on our doorsteps, now is the time to start thinking about what you'll need to keep the cold weather at bay. Nothing is cosy and warm as genuine sheepskin with its natural insulation properties and soft feel. Here are four commonly available sheepskin products that will keep you snug through the winter months.

1. Sheepskin slippers

Sheepskin slippers are a much-loved and enduringly popular choice for Australians. Not only will they keep your feet beautifully warm and comfortably cocooned, the natural wool fibres will also prevent nasty odours from building up in your slippers.

The tough, leather outer surface of sheepskin slippers mean that they're also water resistant. You can enhance this property by applying a coating of a water-proofing wax or spray that's designed for matt-finish leather products.

2. Sheepskin mattress topper

Getting into a cold bed in winter isn't very pleasant. However, a sheepskin mattress topper can make the experience far more pleasant. The dense sheepskin will trap your body heat quickly and will help you to maintain a more even temperature throughout the night.

Sheepskin is also very soft and will mould to the shape of your resting body. It's also a very hygienic option, allowing more air to circulate in your bed and providing natural resistance to bed bugs and dust mites.

3. Sheepskin steering wheel cover

Trying to drive your car in the winter with half-frozen fingers is hard enough. Add in a cold steering wheel and the situation is dramatically worse. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then a sheepskin steering wheel cover may be the solution.

These steering wheel covers are made with sheepskin that's been stitched together in a circular shape and has elastic sewn into the outer edges. They slip snugly over your steering wheel, keeping your hands warm and providing a non-slip surface to ensure you can drive safely.

4. Sheepskin cowl

Often called a snood, a cowl is a scarf-like tube of material that is designed to keep your neck and jaw warm during cold weather. It can be tucked inside a jacket or coat to effectively block out the chilling winter wind.

Sheepskin cowls are excellent if you work or spend a lot of your leisure time outdoors. Unlike many other materials, sheepskin is breathable and won't result in a damp or partially frozen cowl caused by the exhalation of warm air.

Sheepskin is a traditional material that has remained popular for many generations due to its numerous and beneficial properties. Make sure that when you're purchasing a sheepskin product that it's genuine and not an inferior acrylic product.

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